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Warburtons Bakery Case Study

low level mezzanine floors

Following a major re evaluation of their national distribution procedures, Coral Mezzanine Ltd installed a number of low level mezzanine floors in four of Warburton’s busiest distribution depots.



Low Level MezzanineLarge lorry’s brought bread from the bakeries into the distribution depots, to be sorted and re loading into delivery vans for delivery to local shops and supermarkets.

The mezzanine floor, Coral mezzanine installed, allowed the large lorry from the bakery to be unloaded directly onto the mezzanine, sorted and loaded directly back onto the delivery vans. For health and safety reasons the mezzanine was decked in specialist non slip boards.

As part of the project, Coral Mezzanine undertook modifications to the main building structure to form new loading bays, and manufactured and installed a range of ‘extreme’ duty barriers and buffers.


Low Level MezzanineAs this mezzanine floor was installed in a building which handled bread, all work was completed under stringent food hygiene regulations.

Warburton’s is a 24 hours a day 7 days a week operation, therefore the installation project had to be managed within a critical timescale to ensure minimal loss of production.