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Mezzanine Floor Manufacturers

Coral Mezzanine manufactures all our mezzanines in house, our systems and procedures have developed over the past 20 years so we can offer our clients the best quality product and service at a trade price.

Coral Mezzanine prides itself on retaining experienced, skilled, long term staff; all of our project managers have hands on experience of designing, manufacturing and installing mezzanine floors, enabling them to advise clients on the most cost effective way to utilise their existing space with a new mezzanine.

With each enquiry Coral Mezzanine complete an accurate site survey, detailed and accurate drawings are produced using the latest CAD systems, including a 3D representation of the mezzanine design. At the point of agreeing a specification with the client a price for the mezzanine is agreed with the client, up to this point there are no costs incurred for the client, and unless there are any signification changes to the specification this is the amount the customer is invoiced. Any costs incurred by specification changes will be agreed with the client before commencement.

Mezzanine Floor Manufacturing

As the main design for the mezzanine has been completed prior to an order being placed, the lead time from order to installation is greatly reduced.We buy materials from trusted suppliers who appreciate the timescales we run our projects on.
Our in-house manufacturing process gives Coral Mezzanine greater control and flexibility and we will commit to, and deliver on even the most demanding deadlines.We also understand that our client’s requirements can change even part way through a project.
Our manufacturing flexibility allows us to make modifications and additions to a project with a minimum of disruption or delay.







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