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Corporate Express

Corporate Express Case Study

three tier and a two tier bespoke mezzanine

Three Tier MezzanineCorporate Express is a large multinational office supplies company, which is part of the Staples Group.


Coral Mezzanine has designed, manufactured and installed a three tier and a two tier bespoke mezzanine floor structures for this organisation. This has allowed the organisation to integrate its supply chain from order to delivery much more effectively.




The main challenge in the installation of these multi tier mezzanine floors is the structural design, the size and complexity requires an innovative structural design, which was achieved through partnership with our structural engineers.


In addition the health and safety logistics concerned with the installation of such a complex mezzanine floor, considering current working at heights legislation was a challenge that Coral Mezzanine met and overcame successfully.


During the installation process, corporate express needed to keep the facility working to maximum effectiveness, which was achieved with detailed planning and day to day flexibility from our installation teams.

Three Tier MezzanineKeeping the facility working